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What Is Your Calling?

Do you feel like you have a “calling”?

Does it even matter to you? And assuming it does, how much does it matter to you?

Are you deep into your calling already? Or are you waiting until you retire?

You know, simply being a stay-at-home Mom may be a calling. Or maybe it’s running your own business, one that employs people, and provides goods and services.

Then again, you might humbly be called to help the elderly couple who live across the street from you, because they have no nearby relatives remaining to help them.

I believe when you learn to live well, you will also have learned how to die well.

No fear. Only joy. And hope. And faith.

And love.

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Dear Son

Humbly Serve

This is what we are called to do each day.

To humbly serve others.

We often get lost in the translation.

Why? Because we are so busy worrying about our career and our money.