College staff power point presentation
The internship accelerator is not intended to rush a student through their college years. It’s designed to have them be proactive and intentional.


The song is about a 16-year old who cannot wait to be 18.

We all know that being 16 and 17 only happens once.

There will come a time in every adult’s life where she/he wishes they “were young again” like when they were 16 or 17.

And so it goes.

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Do something

One small act can brighten someone’s landscape (life).

Do something is an online platform for offline action. It consists of millions of young people transforming their communities.

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Dear younger me

Lake McDonald
Pairing up is part of nature’s grand design. Pairing allows for the ebb and flow of love.


Dear younger me,

Interestingly enough, the insidious aching you feel in your heart will take 40 years to finally get your attention as “unacceptable”. You’ll come to the realization that Nature and God are the same thing and that your lifelong love of Nature was preparing you for this revelation.

You’ll also discover the meaning of life – to love and be loved.

When you finally finish RCIA, you’ll be well prepared to “burn the ships” on your former self – the self that wasn’t fully conscious, wasn’t consciously grateful for every minute of every day.


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He says it’s getting harder to be honest

Sunday 6pm Mass Palm Sunday
Youth Ministry begins after the 6pm Mass on Sundays.


He is not a fan of Youth Ministry. At all.

We talked about it yesterday at dinner. Then we drove for another Sunday night session.

Suggested that he go into the session pretending he’s going to High School – the focus being on making friends, being friendly, being accepting, having fun.

Let go of feeling like “religion” is the goal.

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Youth Has An Innocence And An Ignorance Only Age Can Influence

When We Moved To Florida, The Original Plan Was To Buy A Mobile Home

In 1984, at the ripe age of 25, jeff noel thought he had the perfect plan. noel (married in ’83) would relocate his wife and all their belongs to Orlando and begin their Disney career. They’d buy a “lower cost mobile home” and live there until they could afford a house. noel never factored in land/lot rental. This made the price the same as a house mortgage. Rut roe.

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