Dear Readers, Prayer Community

Last night, watching the jets roll into Tampa International airport. This photo brought back painful memories of a September morning… Where two or more are gathered in His name… Couple days ago, a friend rushed out of state to visit his son, in a hospital Intensive Care Unit. Motorcycle accident. Monday, visited our son’s Pediatric […]

Be The Bait

Thanks to one of the biggest fisher’s of men, Z Radio, for inspiring this post… Ever find yourself in a position where you would have, decades previous, bet a million dollars it would never happen? But for some mysterious reason, there you are, bigger than life, doing what you said you wouldn’t ever or couldn’t […]

Z Radio Got 1,700 Families

Thank you to the 1,700 Families that pledged $30 a month to allow Central Florida listener-supported radio station 88.3 to reach their goal. And thank you to all the Families that couldn’t pledge with money, but are pledging their prayers. This radio station touches every listener’s heart. You know this if you listen. You doubt […]

Guest Blogger This Sunday

Craig Nickoloff, from Ohio, will be’s Guest Blogger this Sunday. Craig is a young man with a wife and two children. He’s a Christian, self-proclaimed Disney freak and a man who inspires me by his will and determination to become a better man, a better person. We all struggle with it. Can’t wait to […]