Dear Son

David was a narcissist

Notes from Memorial
A note describing a High School teacher who died unexpectedly two weeks ago.


David was a narcissist.

He did not go up against Goliath to die.

He must have been full of himself to think he was better at battle than Goliath.


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Live like you mean it

Defend your zealous gratitude with your life

Family beach photo
Last night at sunset.


Defend your zealous gratitude with your life, yet be gentle with apathetic people.

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Please forgive anything that appears the antithesis of humility

Disney leadership Speakers
Disneyland’s exclusive Club 33.


Please allow humility to flourish.

An entrepreneur needs to be extremely confident and driven. An entrepreneur is borderline delusional. An entrepreneur is in charge. An entrepreneur may come across as self-absorbed.

This is ugliest part of having a crazy dream and being hellbent on seeing it through.

Please forgive anything that appears the antithesis of humility.

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How Can You Tell?

Unnecessary kindness

Apple Store Lehigh Valley


Store window full of 3D glasses


(photo: Store window between Apple Store and Mall entrance. Lots of eyes on each of us everyday.)

What is unnecessary kindness?

As adults, we are gifted with the opportunity to be role models every moment of every day.

We can deliver unnecessary kindness as often as we want.

Unnecessary kindness is kindness that if not delivered is not missed.

But we’re adults.

We have endless and daily time pressures, deadlines, responsibilities, etc.

But we can still be “on” all the time.


Maybe zealous, but it will never be considered being on auto-pilot. Ever.

An epiphany last night. Realizing that the way we handle major life milestones may be more important than the outcome itself.

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Life Transition (Dec 2014)

Someone once wrote

1972 Munich headline Olympic terrorists


(photo: screen shot from Without Limits. Is World Peace a future possibility?)

Someone once wrote:

When your Child goes looking for the face of Jesus in the real world, he shouldn’t have to look any farther than across your dinner table.

Probably the same zealot who believes balance is not only possible, but demanded.

World peace is just a pipe dream…


Come on.

Be the change.

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