What’s Your Favorite Song?

What’s your favorite Christmas song of all time? I mean, if you could only pick one, what would it be? My wife’s Grammy, who died in my arms at age 93, always said Little Drummer Boy was her favorite. She went to Heaven in September 1989. It never occurred to me back then to ask […]

Audacious Authenticity The Z

Audacious. Authentic. Audacious authenticity. How’s that work for you? It works really well on my end. As a goal, I mean – audacious authenticity. Being boldly authentic. Not conforming to status quo, but rather, conforming to faith, hope and love. Heard the song the other day by Kirk Franklin, or maybe it was Mary Mary, […]

Stream Of Consciousness

November 10, 2009 9:30AM (exactly) Dropped our son off at school Late work schedule today – morning free Sitting in my 20 year-old car, Macbook Pro on my lap Back seat, door open, windy day Z88.3 medium loud on the radio Contemporary Christian Music – “Safe for the little Ears” Please pray for Kevin DeGiamamrino, […]